The Beginning

In early 2012 in Oulu, Finland, IndoorAtlas was born. We are the result of over a decade of academic research on computer science, signal processing, pattern recognition and robotics by a team of PhD professors and PhD students out of Oulu University.

The team had a clear vision – to create an indoor positioning platform that would enable developers and researchers to build ubiquitous indoor location-based services for a limitless number of environments and use cases. The underlying geomagnetic positioning was the disruptive, missing link needed to realize this vision.

Continuous Innovation

With 6 patents granted and (and 25 more filled), we launched in BETA stage in 2013. During our BETA, we received invaluable feedback from enterprises and developers all over the world, which enabled us to fine tune our platform offering. We aren’t done yet. We believe in continuous innovation and providing a collaborate approach with our customers. We learn from our customers every day and our future roadmap is shaped by their current and future needs.

We may have started off small but we’ve quickly grown to over 40 of the brightest researchers, computer scientists, engineers, product strategists and customer support managers in the world. Our journey continues towards our vision to make indoor worlds discoverable for people and businesses worldwide. Stay tuned as there are many cool things to come.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a seamless indoor world that is discoverable for people and businesses around the world.

“We want to make every mobile app in the world location aware - in every building in the world. We want everyone to be able to discover the indoor world around them, wherever they are. The only way we can do this is to make our technology available to every app developer, no matter what size, market or interest. That’s exactly what we’re doing. All of our tools are freely available. It is only when you reach a size where your app could be considered a commercially validated concept with a regular audience, that our pricing service becomes relevant to you.”

Professor Janne Haverinen

Our History


  • Incorporated in Finland


  • Launch world’s first geomagnetic field based indoor positioning PaaS
  • Incorporated in USA


  • Receive $10M investment from Baidu and signing of exclusive agreement to enter Chinese market
  • Opus research finds IndoorAtlas technology demonstrates consistency within several feet in a major retail environment


  • Launched SDK 2.0
  • Announced winner of Telecom Council’s SPIFFY Award for Most Innovative Start-up
  • Partnership with Aisle4111 to offer magnetic positioning & advertising services to retailers
  • Signed $3 Million Partnership with SK Planet to expand into Korea
  • Baidu rolls out Indoor Location Services in China
  • Launched GPSindoor™

IndoorAtlas Today

  • 25,000 developers
  • 380,000+ monthly active users – and growing daily!
  • 1-2 meters positioning accuracy
  • 15,000 crowdsourced buildings
  • Global customer support team
  • 40 staff; 3 professors; 15 PhDs
  • 8 patents; 25 patents pending globally
  • Offices in North America, Europe and Asia
  • 100+ countries