What Are Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS)

Indoor positioning systems (IPS) locate people or objects inside a building using radio waves, magnetic fields, acoustic signals, or other sensory information collected by a smartphone device or tablet. These systems are used to detect and track a position. Just think of it as GPS, but for indoors.

There are many different types of systems available on the market today including WiFi, Radio and Beacons, but all require hardware or the combination of multiple systems working together to locate a position indoors. Positioning accuracy varies greatly but can be increased at the expense of infrastructure equipment and installations. This is where we differ.

We created the world’s first ubiquitous indoor positioning cloud platform that leverages geomagnetic technology. The software-only IPS requires no large scale purchase, installation or maintenance of hardware to pinpoint a person’s location and our “blue dot” delivers 1-2 meters accuracy. What’s more, our technology can utilize other technologies, such as WiFi, for even further optimization.

How Does Our Geomagnetic Technology Work?

Our geomagnetic technology is based on the oldest navigation infrastructure there is - the Earth’s magnetic field.

Over the course of millions of years animals from birds to marine life have evolved to be able to navigate this magnetic flow and we’ve developed a way to do the same.

Modern buildings all have a unique magnetic landscape produced by the Earth’s magnetic field that interacts with steel and other materials found in structures of buildings. By utilizing the built-in magnetic sensor (the compass) as well as other sensing technologies within a smartphone, our software is able to use the magnetic field inside the building as a map to accurately pinpoint and track a person’s location indoors, producing a “blue dot” on a map. We know the start point, the path a person’s taken, and their end point. This is all done in real time – just like GPS outdoors.

Geomagnetic technology is the foundation of our indoor positioning but we are able to leverage other sources of information such as WiFi, for further optimization. Our cloud platform is the hub for application developers – we’ve made it easy to add support for indoor positioning in a building, manage the data and use our SDK to build location-based services within an app.

Read a report by Opus Research: Magnetic Indoor Positioning - The Arrival of Indoor GPS

How Do We Differ From Others?

For the first time, you have a way to easily deploy indoor positioning services via a cloud-based platform to scale both cost effectively and ubiquitously.

Unlike WiFi and Beacons, our geomagnetic technology provides 1-2 meters blue dot positioning that does not require the purchase, installation or maintenance of large costly infrastructures. Our platform is developer friendly and provides a complete workflow and set of tools for indoor positioning, enabling you to build indoor location-based services such as search, wayfinding and proximity marketing for greater user satisfaction and engagement.

To achieve 10 meter accuracy consistently using Radio-based technologies like WiFi, additional access point need to be installed, which can be costly across multiple locations and technically challenging due to rapidly changing radio environments. Alternatively, Beacons can only manage geofences around themselves by detecting when a device enters a geofence. They are also unable to deliver continuous real time positioning.

Our geomagnetic positioning core solves all of these challenges and can even integrate WiFi, air pressure and Bluetooth location information for further optimized positioning performance.

Our technology is proven and is being used by large enterprises around the globe. In 2015, we won the Telecom Council’s SPIFFY award for the most innovative technology. Our technology also performed well when tested at 4,760 feet underground in a copper and zinc mine. We don’t expect that to be a common use case but you can be rest assured that our technology works in some of the most challenging environments.

Read a report by Opus Research: Magnetic Indoor Positioning - The Arrival of Indoor GPS

WiFiBeacon (BLE/iBeacon)IndoorAtlas
Ability to scaleLowVery lowVery high
AccuracyLowVery lowVery high
Hardware cost / venue (typ.)> $1,000> $1,000$0
Supported platformsAndroidiOS / AndroidiOS / Android
Real-time locationYesNoYes
Software-only solutionNoNoYes
Developer PaaS & SDKNoNoYes

We Provide

  • Scalability
  • Accurate positioning
  • Reduced costs
  • Ease of deployment
  • Freedom to operate
  • Foundational technology

Companies Using Our Platform

25,000 developers from enterprises around the world use our Platform