A wide range of location-based services can be built using our indoor positioning technology

Why do thousands of developers use our platform today? Because we made it simple. Created with the developer in mind, our PaaS provides an intuitive workflow and SDK to enable you to focus on building great location-based services without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

The workflow is easy; select an existing venue or create your own and collect and manage your data in our platform. All that’s left will be to decide which indoor location-based services you want to build in your mobile app; from search, proximity advertising and way-finding to multi-dot and more.

Our platform at a glance:

  • Cloud-based and infinitely scalable
  • Highly accurate “blue dot” positioning
  • Intuitive step-by-step workflow
  • Secure cloud infrastructure
  • Feature updates made available worldwide
  • Works for Android & iOS
  • Start for free
  • Pay as you grow pricing model
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Use Our Platform To Build Your Location-Based Services


Build way-finding capabilities in your mobile app and dramatically increase user satisfaction and engagement.

Help users to:

  • Navigate a store to find the right aisle or department
  • Quickly navigate complex buildings
  • Avoid long waiting time and crowded areas
  • Save time finding a location or object
  • Create a safer environment

Search - Point Of Interest (POI) Database

Our blue dot accuracy opens up a wide array of marketing or customer experience possibilities to brands and venue owners.

Help users to:

  • Locate a specific brand or facility
  • Search for a location in an unfamiliar environment
  • Receive targeted adverts or offers


Multi-dot enables multiple users, devices and object locations to be managed and visualized on a map, which is great for social networking and team navigation as multiple devices can be located in real-time when using a mobile app.

Help users to:

  • Connect friends in the same venue
  • Find their ‘buddy’ or co-worker
  • Track people and keep safe

Proximity Marketing

Our technology provides you with the underlying platform to build highly targeted proximity marketing within your mobile app.

Help users to:

  • Receive relevant and timely coupons
  • Be more informed of product comparisons or offers
  • Save time and be more satisfied

Platform Benefits

No startup costs. No permits required. No hardware to install and maintain.

Highly Scalable

Enterprise-grade cloud platform simplifies your infrastructure enabling you to scale cost effectively, quickly and securely

Reduced Costs

No need to purchase, install and maintain large amounts of costly infrastructure

Accurate Positioning

2-3 meter accuracy with blue dot positioning

Ease Of Deployment

Intuitive workflow enables easy implementation, designed with the developer in mind


Available on Android and iOS devices in any steel/concrete reinforced building


Technology can utilize WiFI and Bluetooth for further optimization

Developers – Get Started!

1Create location & add floor plan
2Map location
3Manage map data
4Start rockin' it!Build app

The workflow steps are simple to follow, shortening your development cycles and lead times. Our mapping tools are intuitive – you can use our tools to survey the location where you wish to create an indoor application, if it doesn't exist yet. Once you’re familiar with the workflow, it should take less than one hour to get from the location creation phase to the application creation.

Finally, take our SDK, integrate it to the app you've made then test, launch and start rockin’ it. Sign-up for free and start developing today.

We can also help you to find partners specialized in specific tasks within the flow. Contact us

1. Create location & add floor plan

1. Create location & add floor plan

  1. Create account
  2. Create location
  3. Upload floor plan

Use our web tool to create locations and add floor plans. You can sign up and access the web portal from your account on your desktop or mobile app.

If the venue location already exists publicly, move straight to step four in the workflow.

2. Map location

2. Map location

  1. Select floor plan
  2. Calibrate phone
  3. Set route
  4. Walk

Use our MapCreator mobile app to access floor plans and collect sensor data throughout the venue. The collected data is uploaded to our cloud where a landscape of the sensor reading in the venue is created for the positioning algorithm.

Read more from our Developer Guide

3. Manage map data

3. Manage map data

  1. Review map data
  2. Analyze map quality
  3. Publish indoor map

While sensor data is being collected via our mobile app, our service is constantly analyzing this data to generate an updated lookup map used for positioning. Quality analysis of the lookup map can be viewed in our web portal. It shows how well the positioning is going to work on the site. Publishing the updated lookup map version is just a simple click.

4. Build app

4. Build app

  1. Generate API keys
  2. Integrate indoor map
  3. Subscribe the service

You can simply generate an API key and use our SDK for iOS and Android platforms to add location-based features to your mobile app. Our API communicates with the positioning service that computes the device’s location and returns it back to your mobile app as GPS coordinates (WGS84).

Why Us

  • Thousands of developers
  • 100+ countries
  • 1 000,000 monthly active users
  • Last meter positioning accuracy
  • Crowdsourced buildings
  • Global customer support team
  • 35 staff; over 10 PhDs
  • 10 patents; over 20 patents pending globally
  • Offices in Europe, North America and Asia

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