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IndoorAtlas new pricing structure

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Here at IndoorAtlas we’ve been thinking how to best guide new partners into our products, while making our pricing and product portfolio clearer. As a result, we are officially releasing our new pricing structure in the middle of May.

Our product portfolio was for a long time simple, mainly consisting of the indoor positioning platform. Over time we continued to develop and improve the platform by adding exciting new features and making the workflow even more efficient, but essentially there was only one product. We did (and still do) offer some value-added services such as deployment support and SLAs.

However, in the last one year or so we have introduced new products, which build on the core positioning platform but also take it to new directions: we introduced our GroundSage product, which is our first end-to-end software solution, and we have also released our augment reality (AR) technology. Both of them come as software development kits and as such can be integrated with existing applications for IOS and Android, but they are also available in as apps, ready to be tested and deployed without any software development by our partners. We expect that most of our partners interested in these products will first experience them using apps developed by IndoorAtlas but will quickly move to using our new SDKs to integrate the new capabilities into their new or existing apps. These new products offer an upsell opportunity for our partners: new products and capabilities can be sold to to existing customers, utilizing already deployed IndoorAtlas positioning in a venue.

IndoorAtlas GroundSage productIndoorAtlas AR product


The new pricing model reflects the journey of our partners with their customers: the first phase typically is the trial phase, where one can become familiar with the IndoorAtlas platform quickly and easily. Often the trialing phase is followed by running a pilot with a customer, perhaps tweaking the customer app during the pilot, before moving on to full commercial deployment.

To reflect these typical phases, our IPS (Indoor Positioning System) product has three subscription plans: Trial, Pilot and Enterprise.

In many ways the new pricing and product structure is not changing much from how we have worked together with our partners, but rather bringing visibility and clarity. An additional goal was to include technical support in the plans. This is now included in the pilot plan, to let our partners enjoy timely support in the important pilot phase.

Our IPS software development kit, documentation, web services and sample code have always been available for free for anyone – immediately. This is not changing, simply by registering anyone can still establish an IndoorAtlas account and start experiencing our industry leading technology using the trial plan, available for two months.

For our existing customers there will be no change, the products covered by existing agreements continue to be available in the same manner as before.

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