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IndoorAtlas Asset Tracker allows tracking of any devices that are able to scan their surrounding Wi-Fi and/or BLE beacon environment. This service is ideal for devices with limited resources such as wearables and IoT devices, or for use cases–such as ICT lifecycle management–where robustness and resource efficiency are emphasized over the location accuracy.

IndoorAtlas Asset Tracker uses the same mapping data and the same radio positioning technology as our full-featured, geomagnetic-hybrid Positioning SDK. This means that the same deployment can now mix smartphones running our Positioning SDK and other devices such as wearables or IoT devices using our Asset Tracker solution–the same IndoorAtlas workflow always applies!

Asset Tracker Agent

Asset Tracker Agent is a software component that reads any radio and/or sensor data sources from the hardware it is running on and sends that data securely to the Asset Tracker Service over an internet connection. The Asset Tracker Agent itself is not aware of its own location, and each Asset Tracker Agent is identified by a customer-provided AgentID.

Asset Tracker Service

This service is responsible for knowing the location of each Asset Tracker Agent it communicates with. It can be deployed to a customer's private cloud or it is served from IndoorAtlas’ cloud environment. To translate the data inputs from Asset Tracker Agents into a geolocation, it communicates with the Positioning API running on IndoorAtlas cloud environment.

Positioning API

Positioning API is a part of the standard IndoorAtlas positioning stack used by the IndoorAtlas Indoor Positioning Service. By accessing all the data that was collected during venue mapping phase, it can translate the sensor data originating from the Asset Tracker Agent into a geolocation estimate. The Positioning API itself does not know what device is sending the data–that information always stays within the Asset Tracker Service.

Deployment models

Hosted service
The Asset Tracker Service is hosted in IndoorAtlas cloud. In this model the service is shared between multiple customers. The location information of each tracked asset is securely stored in the cloud. This deployment model allows IndoorAtlas to host the service cost-efficiently, and frees the customer from monitoring and maintaining the availability of the service.

Private cloud
The Asset Tracker Service is hosted in a customer's private cloud. This model provides most flexibility and all data related to tracked assets is kept within the customer's servers. The Indoor Positioning Service is still hosted in the IndoorAtlas cloud.

Use cases

ICT lifecycle management

ICT Lifecycle Management System detects lifetime expiration periods of licensed laptops. ICT administrator can plan the renewal process in the backend system. When the new laptops arrive and are set up, a service ticket is created to replace the old laptops with the new ones. The ICT Lifecycle Management System asks the locations of the devices from the Asset Tracking Service and the location report is attached to the service ticket. A technician delivers the new laptops according to the pre-planned delivery route. While onsite, the technician can easily locate each laptop from the ICT Lifecycle Management app.

Airport Employee Tracking System

The Airport Employee Tracking System uses the Asset Tracking Service to locate employees, and shares the data with them. The daily operations and task allocations at the airport can be dynamically adjusted and optimized based on the location data. In cases of emergency, the location data enables a fast delivery of help. The airport becomes safer, the staff's workload more balanced, operations more efficient–all this with an enhanced customer experience. The Asset Tracking Agents are run on low-power, wristband Android devices worn by the airport staff.


UnlimitedNumber of Tracker Agents
3DLocation context
5 to 15 metersLocation accuracy
ConfigurableLocation update frequency
Hosted/PrivateDeployment options
Data PrivacyGDPR compliant data
EasyStandard IndoorAtlas workflow
PlatformsmacOS | Windows | Linux | Android | iOS
PricingTry for free – pay as you grow
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