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Copying locations — Supporting the staging-production workflow

When making changes to a piece of software, it’s a good idea to check the effect of those changes in a separate environment before publishing them to your customers. For IndoorAtlas deployments, this translates to being able to verify the effect of updating fingerprints or application logic on the end-user experience in a venue with … Continued

IndoorAtlas goes AR

Both the core IndoorAtlas positioning SDK and Augmented Reality frameworks (ARCore / ARKit) are tracking the movement of a mobile device. However, they are focused on different things ARCore and ARKit track the motion accurately in a local metric coordinate system. They can tell you very accurately that the phone moved 3 centimeters to the … Continued

SDK 3.3 released!

SDK 3.3 opens new possibilities in fusing IndoorAtlas positioning with other systems. With Apple Core Location fusion, it is possible to deploy cross-platform IndoorAtlas positioning to certain venues with no additional infrastructure (no iBeacons!). The completely revised indoor-outdoor detection helps fusion with GPS. In addition to the new fusion capabilities, we now support encrypted iBeacons. … Continued

IndoorAtlas Collaborates with Cherrypicks to Raise Benchmark for Location Intelligence

Hong Kong, May 28, 2020 – IndoorAtlas and Cherrypicks are pleased to announce a collaboration to raise the benchmark for indoor navigation, proximity messaging and location intelligence. The partnership grants Cherrypicks exclusivity in the Hong Kong, Macau and Chinese Smart Tourism markets to provide innovative personalized location services, marketing & eCommerce, location intelligence & data … Continued

IndoorAtlas on wheels, and POIs – SDK 3.2 released

We are pleased to announce the general availability release of IndoorAtlas SDK 3.2! After a couple of months in Beta the new SDK features are now polished to production quality and ready to be put to use in awesome location-aware apps! Here are some feature highlights of the new SDK: Cart mode, AKA on-wheels mode, … Continued

IndoorAtlas and Samsung SDS Join Forces to Accelerate Adoption of Indoor Location-Based Services in Global Exhibition Market

Oulu, Finland, March 12, 2020 — IndoorAtlas and Samsung SDS today announced a collaboration to jointly provide indoor location-based services for the global exhibition market. This collaboration will enable Samsung SDS to provide innovative location-aware applications and services for global trade shows whose growth is driven by the growing popularity of face-to-face conversations and authenticity … Continued

SCB and IndoorAtlas join forces to accelerate the digital transformation of healthcare services in Thailand

Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital launches new digital health services in Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok OULU, Finland – June 28, 2019 — IndoorAtlas and Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) together with Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital have launched new digital health services in Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. Siriraj hospital premises has around 10 000 daily … Continued

IndoorAtlas China established

We have been for a while in the process of establishing our own subsidiary in China to help growing business in the market. It has been quite a journey and experience for us. We would like to take the chance to thank all of our partners in China for their support and trust in our … Continued

Yahoo! JAPAN and IndoorAtlas deepen collaboration

Yahoo! JAPAN leads the IndoorAtlas’ 2019 financing round OULU, Finland – June 18, 2019 – IndoorAtlas, the leading global indoor positioning platform provider, today announces that it received an investment from its existing shareholder Yahoo! JAPAN who leads the 2019 investment round as the first closing is completed. The indoor location-based market in Japan is … Continued

Long live SDK 3.0

We’re happy to announce that the IndoorAtlas SDK 3.0 with offline positioning is now considered ready for production usage. Hooray! To realize the full potential of this edge computing revolution, something needs to be let go: the cloud-based SDK 2.x. We hereby announce that the IndoorAtlas 2.x series SDKs will reach their End of Life … Continued

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