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SDK 2.9 – Easy wayfinding and last stop before offline

Wayfinding made easy A few months back we released our first wayfinding beta plug-in, which provided the core routing algorithms, but required the app developer to handle the provisioning of the wayfinding graphs manually. In SDK 2.9, wayfinding is fully integrated to the SDK with a new, easy-to-use API and, most importantly, the wayfinding graphs … Continued

Wayfinding with directed edges

IndoorAtlas Wayfinding version 2.8 has now been released and is available via Bintray. This update contains a small but important feature: directed edges, which is quite relevant when navigating any venue with escalators. Directed edges can be added in the wayfinding graph editor on by clicking the new +directed button after selecting a inter-floor … Continued

IndoorAtlas SDK 2.7 released with Wayfinding

Indoor navigation is one of the most powerful applications of indoor positioning. Helping one’s users to easily and quickly find their way to the doctor’s appointment or back to their car in a multi-floor parking garage can save significant time and money, in addition to reducing the frustration of being lost. An indoor navigation solution … Continued

IndoorAtlas TechInfo 2016

Do you wanna make indoor worlds discoverable? When: April 5th 2016, 8.30-16:00 Where: Elektroniikkatie 8, Smarthouse, Oulu Join us to this fun day to learn more about our geomagnetic indoor positioning technology. The day is hosted by IndoorAtlas experts. All you need to join is your interest towards our technology. If you are willing to … Continued

Will IndoorAtlas become the third pillar in Indoor Location in 2016?

“Its major advantage over infrastructure is its scalability. Over time, if IndoorAtlas can become commonplace in apps and on devices, supporting crowdsourced mapbuilding, it has huge potential to become a true alternative to Google and Apple. Suddenly, any retailer can partner with them and tap into their location data stream for their venues. Similarly, any … Continued

Big in Japan! Geomagnetic Indoor Positioning

“…no other indoor positioning technology can scale so easily, simply because it is a software-only solution, with no hardware infrastructure to deploy and maintain. It is also easy to scale across millions of users”

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