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Create and maintain a safe environment for continuous business operations by using our advanced crowd intelligence system in your event, workplace, and school.


Protection for continuous business

Have complete control of your venue with real-time crowd density data you can rely on.

Occupancy Supervisor

Fulfill social distancing policy by monitoring visitor count anytime anywhere in the venue.

Surrounding Density Updates

Feed your visitors with the most up-to-date and accurate density information in order to avoid over-crowded areas.

Disinfection Management

Monitoring visitor count is not the whole story. Reveal busy areas which need frequent cleaning to create a safe and trusted environment for your visitors.

Crowd Density Reporting

Provides regular crowd density information to satisfy management team and regulatory agencies.

Why Choose Us

Simple Setup

Fast Deployment

Simplified infrastructure enables an effective and quick deployment which is usually done within a month.

Highest Accuracy

Ensure our positioning technology offers highest quality location data.

Strong Protection

Strong Data Protection

We ensure our client’s data is safe with us by accelerating compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

Strong Privacy

We value the privacy of our end-users. No username, password, phone number or email will be collected.

Easy Management

Data Sources Integration

We bring your data together by connecting and integrating your preferred data sources.

Configurable Areas

Designed for highly granular and customisable geofence and grid sizes based on the needs in different venues.

Effective Monitoring

Real-time Analytics

Instantaneous crowd density data capture and presentation on our easy-to-use dashboard and application.

Easy Data Access

Make data-driven decisions with our simple dashboard showing a complete view of venue crowd density level.

How It Works

Venue Set Up

Follow a few easy steps to set up your indoor world by creating an account, uploading floor plan images and drawing out geofence areas.

Installation and Fingerprinting

Fingerprint your venue by physically walking through the venue with our MapCreator2 mobile application.

Content Preparation

Manage your geofence info and floor plans with our simple content management tool.

Enable location data collection

Venue visitors install mobile app which enables location data collection and crowd density calculation.

Exposure prevention for visitors

App users receive crowd density updates on the venue through GroundSage, to avoid over-crowded areas.

Safety monitoring by management

The operations team monitors and maintains a safe crowd density level in the venue.

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See how GroundSage can help you open your event safely in the age of COVID19. See how we compare to other competing solutions.

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