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Key benefits

Why you'll love IndoorAtlas

The only solution for building worldwide location-based apps.

Hardware free

Works everywhere

Hardware free

IndoorAtlas’ patented technology uses smartphone’s built-in sensors, and natural variations of geomagnetic field as a map to pinpoint locations indoors. This software-only indoor positioning solution allows worldwide deployment of location-based apps, offering developers unprecedented scale and freedom. Sign up and start today.

  • Software-only indoor positioning solution
  • Works virtually in every modern building
  • Offers unprecedented scale and freedom for app developers

iOS and Android

Works on all platforms

iOS and Android

IndoorAtlas SDK is available for iOS and Android platforms allowing developers to build location-based apps for large range of devices and users. iOS support makes IndoorAtlas the industry-leading cross-platform indoor positioning solution. Sign up and download the IndoorAtlas SDK to start building your IndoorAtlas-powered apps.

  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Leading indoor positioning solution for iOS devices
  • The only cross-platform indoor positioning service


Always up-to-date service


The core technology behind IndoorAtlas runs in the cloud, offering an always-up-to-date positioning service for app developers. New features are introduced seamlessly and made available worldwide at the same time. The cloud-powered service also provides developers with easy access to their application data.

  • Cloud-powered positioning service
  • Always up to date
  • Easy access to application data


Industry-leading accuracy for free


IndoorAtlas offers industry-leading accuracy for free, making it the most cost-efficient indoor positioning solution available. For volume plans, please contact

  • Industry-leading accuracy
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Scalable cloud-powered service
Getting started

Getting started

1 Create venue

Use the IndoorAtlas web tool to create venues and to add floor plans. Sign up and access the web tool directly from your account. For quick demos you can also create venues and add floor plans directly from the IndoorAtlas mobile app.

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2 Collect data

Use the IndoorAtlas mobile app to access floor plans and collect magnetic field map data. The data is uploaded to the IndoorAtlas cloud service and is used to create the magnetic field map of the venue. After having the map, the IndoorAtlas mobile app is used to test indoor positioning.

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3 Create app

Use the IndoorAtlas SDK for iOS and Android to add location based features to your mobile app. The IndoorAtlas API communicates with the positioning service that stores the magnetic map, computes device’s location and returns it back to your mobile app.

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Did you know

Download our newest SDK

New IndoorAtlas SDK 2.0 is now available at our developer site

What’s New:

  • Easy to integrate API
  • Automatic positioning initialization
  • Supports new devices
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved examples and tutorials

Download also our mapping tool MapCreator at Play Store and App Store.

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Finnish startup IndoorAtlas, which develops indoor mapping technology that uses magnetic positioning, has received a $10 million investment from Baidu, China’s top search company. The two companies also announced that they have signed an agreement


Even in an age of GPS-equipped smartphones, it’s tough to pinpoint your exact location inside a building or underground. Janne Haverinen says his IndoorAtlas software, which combines a mobile device’s internal compass with his proprietary indexing of indoor magnetic fields

MIT Technology Preview

People have used magnetic compasses to find their way outdoors for centuries. In a twist, a startup has found a way to use the magnetic sensors in smartphones to locate people themselves—this time, indoors, where GPS signals don’t normally reach

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