The use cases are endless: a museum providing real-time guide information during tours, a retailer getting shoppers to the right aisle or product in a supermarket, or a University Campus providing navigation and safety services for students. Learn more about how some of our major customers are deploying location-based services across the globe.

Baidu to provide indoor maps, location searches and proximity advertising

Baidu provides indoor navigation, search and proximity advertising

Baidu is the leading internet search portal in China with over 80 percent of the mobile search market.

When executives from Baidu met with our team in 2014, they were so impressed with our PaaS capabilities that they became a customer, exclusive partner in China and an investor– their first ever European venture.


In 2011, Baidu released indoor maps in a large number of participating venues. They needed highly accurate indoor positioning to make indoor maps, location searches and proximity marketing available on a much wider scale across major indoor venues in China. All of this needed to be done with speed, at a low cost and available on both Android and iOS.


Since June 2015, Baidu has been in the process of rolling out location-based services using our PaaS to reach 270 million monthly active users of Baidu Maps. Their location-based services currently consist of search and way-finding but they have plans to roll-out proximity marketing in the future. Popular venues for the deployment of these services includes malls, airports and train stations in major cities across China.


  • Scale cost effectively and quickly across multiple venues
  • Detect and track millions of users
  • Avoid the pain of installing and maintaining infrastructure
  • Increase user satisfaction and engagement

IndoorAtlas' accuracy to the last meter level and scalability sets it apart and complements Baidu's existing mobile Location Based Services and maps offering…. helping us to build our LBS platform indoors in China and abroad. And it will allow us to implement new use cases at scale that is not possible with other technologies

Liu Jun
Vice President, Baidu Maps

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Mumbai Airport T2 app helps travelers to navigate and explore terminal 2

Mumbai Airport Helps Travelers To Navigate In The Terminal

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the primary international airport serving the Mumbai metropolitan area and the second busiest airport in India in terms of passenger traffic.

The airport has five operating terminals spread over an operational area of 1,850 acres and handles more than 780 aircraft movements per day.


Mumbai Airport’s goal was to offer passengers a seamless and memorable experience while increasing leisure time for shopping and eating at the terminal. In order to help fulfill this vision, they needed to build features in a mobile app that would help travelers with items such as gate directions, facility and store navigation, search and travel notifications.


With our geomagnetic positioning technology at the core and with help from System Integrator, Next Byte Wave Technologies and other available technologies within the terminal, Mumbai Airport was able to build set of indoor location-based features in their Mumbai T2 mobile app for their launch in October 2015. The Indoor Navigation Guide gets the users current position within the airport and guides them to wherever they want to go - showing the walking time and distance to the destination on a map.

Users can use the intuitive Search bar to find stores or amenities based on keywords. The Airport Map provides details of airport outlets, facilities and gates, and its Augmented Reality navigation tool enables the user to click on map features and be guided directly to them. What’s more, users receive personalized offers based on their past shopping profile.


  • Increase in user leisure time for shopping and eating
  • Memorable experience and satisfaction
  • Reduction in traveler boarding issues
  • Increased sales at airport outlets and eateries

Mumbai T2 app allows passengers to design their own customized experiential tour from their mobile phone…the app will be a very handy tool for passengers to keep track of their flight schedule through constant notifications.

Rajeev Jain
Chief Executive Officer, Mumbai International Airport Limited

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IndoorAtlas & Harry Potter

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