• Erik Piehl


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    Erik Piehl is the CEO at IndoorAtlas. As a cloud gaming pioneer he brings 20 years of commercial and technical experience to the company. Most recently he served as the Managing Director & CTO of G-cluster, which he also co-founded. He has also served as a board member in the G-cluster group companies. At G-cluster Erik built an idea into a successful product and business, signing deals with Orange Group, SFR and others. Erik also has experience on product management and business development from VistaCom, a pioneering video conferencing technology company. Erik holds a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering and has several patents granted to his name.
  • Janne Haverinen


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    Dr. Janne Haverinen is the Founder at IndoorAtlas. Based out of the Oulu office in Finland, Janne leads the company in its mission to enable new user experiences for indoor. He has several patents granted to his name in fields of indoor navigation and location-based services. Prior to IndoorAtlas, Janne was a professor and a senior researcher fellow in the Computer Science and Engineering Laboratory in the University of Oulu. He has served as a member of IndoorAtlas’ board of directors since its inception. Janne holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Oulu, Finland.
  • Jukka Raanamo

    SVP Product Management

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    Jukka Raanamo is the SVP Product Management at IndoorAtlas, responsible for managing and ensuring delivery of the product roadmap. Before this position, he was leading IndoorAtlas's SDK development. Jukka has 20 years of experience in software engineering both with mobile and server side technologies. Last seven years he has worked with startup companies, taking their mobile applications from vision to production.
  • Otto Seiskari


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    Dr. Otto Seiskari is the CTO at IndoorAtlas. With background in both software engineering and science, he is focused on bridging the gap between research and development of production-quality code. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from Aalto University. Otto's previous roles include co-founding a startup and working as a software consultant in various companies.
  • Esa Rahtu

    Co-founder & Advisor

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    Professor Esa Rahtu is the Co-founder and the Advisor at IndoorAtlas. Esa is the visionary behind IndoorAtlas’ core technology and platform, which focuses on sensor technologies that are transforming into the most ubiquitous indoor positioning solutions. Esa earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Oulu.
  • Hanna-Leena Keskitalo

    HR & Finance Manager

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    Hanna-Leena “Peppi” Keskitalo is the HR & Finance Manager at IndoorAtlas. Peppi is also part of the global marketing team, working closely together with the global customer success team. To support the global growth of the company, Peppi focuses on the smooth and scalable practices for both HR & Finance.
    Prior to joining IndoorAtlas team, Peppi advised new entrepreneurs in establishing and productizing their innovations to actual business. She is most proud of her ability to identify the right talent with that spark of curiosity and passion, capable of addressing the world’s toughest technical challenges.
  • Si Wang

    Business Development Director

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    Si Wang is a Business Development Director at IndoorAtlas, responsible for key account management, sales and marketing in China. He brings 12 years of experiences of business development, product marketing and consulting in his role. Primary focus of his job is to create awareness of IndoorAtlas technology, and develop business opportunities & partner network in Greater China Region. Prior to joining IndoorAtlas, he had roles as Product Marketing Manager, Project Manager and Senior Consultant in startups and consulting firms.
  • Vilat Keomoungkhoun

    Strategic Partnerships and Sales

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    Vilat brings extensive international experience to the team and has been involved in all IndoorAtlas deals to date.
    Beginning his career in Australia, Vilat has worked for the Australian government, in banking & telecommunication sectors as well as for multinationals and startups in Europe and USA.
    With a blend of technical skills and business acumen, in varying capacities Vilat has been responsible for delivering carrier grade solutions and the signing of multi million dollar deals.
    Over the past decade, Vilat has been involved in bringing bleeding edge innovations to the market.
    Today, Vilat continues to forage for partners and new business globally.

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