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Blue dot

Location, location, location. At the core of all other features lies an accurate blue dot. Just like the smartphones native location APIs, IndoorAtlas' SDK gives your users geo location in convenient WGS84 coordinates. Tracking at 1-2 meter accuracy is what sets IndoorAtlas apart from the competition.


Indoor navigation is one of the most powerful applications of indoor positioning. We provide you the tools so that you can let your users easily and quickly find their way to the doctor's appointment or back to their car in a multi-floor parking garage.

Asset tracking

Track the locations of various types of assets including laptops, IoT devices, mobile devices, industrial equipment, and medical appliances.

Floor recognition

Automatically switch the interface to display the correct floor plan as the user switches floors. Stairs, escalators, elevators: we have them all covered.

Absolute 3D orientation

A device's orientation relative to true north. This feature is especially targeted for AR/VR indoor navigation oriented games and apps. Note that the compass alone is not enough to know true north indoors.

Outdoor to indoor

Being able to detect, and react, when your users enter or exit indoors makes a big difference in the user experience. Our SDKs provide you the callbacks for just this purpose.

Building recognition

Using our platform tools, you identify and set up the buildings which get enabled for indoor positioning. We will let you know when your users approach and enter these buildings.


We support both iOS and Android. Our SDKs are available not only as native libraries but also for such popular development environments as Cordova and Unity.


Get notified when user enters or exits an interesting area. You can specify the floor level, area as polygon, dwelling time and custom payload. All computation takes place in the client and you can use as many geofences as required.


Obtain location updates even without internet connectivity. When connectivity is available, the SDK automatically caches resources required for local computing and continues delivering updates when connectivity is disrupted.

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