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The patented geo magnetic technology is capable of delivering 1-2 meter accuracy, something which is very difficult to achieve using other technologies such as beacons or WiFi alone. Converting to best accuracy needs a bit of walking first, typically 5-20 meters is sufficient.


Our SDKs were designed with developer first. Both our Android and iOS SDKs try to make it as easy and as familiar as possible to use our APIs.  Our location objects can be easily passed into existing location aware components such as mapping libraries.


The key properties that come with each blue dot update are:

  • Coordinates: the X and Y in WGS84 format
  • Heading: the direction the smartphone is pointing
  • Bearing: the direction of travel
  • Accuracy: accuracy of each position estimate in meters
  • Floor level: which floor was the user in
  • Floor certainty: how certain we are about floor level
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