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IndoorAtlas AR

Enhance user engagement with geolocation-aware AR

Establish an emotional connection with your customer or visitor through interactive and innovative AR experiences.

Inspiring AR experiences

Increase brand awareness and audience engagement by unlocking the potential of accurate geolocation-aware AR.

Easy and fun navigation

Direct users to their destinations in an easy, fun, and innovative way.

Innovative discovery

Use geolocation-aware AR view or lens to enable innovative discovery and interactive learning.

Interactive promotions

Provide interactive promotions and guide-me-there features to direct visitors to your venue or store.

Geolocation-aware marketing

Promote your brand to potential customers who enter a pre-defined geofence.

Engage your audience with geolocation-aware AR

Accurately located virtual AR objects

All types of virtual content can be precisely geolocated anywhere in your venue to strengthen the immersive user experience.

Immersive AR navigation experience

Allow visitors to explore and navigate the venue with precise AR-powered turn-by-turn navigation instructions enabled by IndoorAtlas' 6-layer sensor fusion technology.

Blend virtual objects into the real world


With IndoorAtlas AR technology, virtual AR objects can be placed at any location inside the venue. This is enabled by the accurate object coordinate calculation of IndoorAtlas’ 6-layer sensor fusion technology that is deeply integrated with the native AR platforms such as ARKit and ARCore. The technology enables highly stable virtual object placements designed to meet your business needs. By combining virtual AR objects with IndoorAtlas AR technology users can be directed to their desired locations in an easy, fun, and innovative way.

How it works

Start building amazing AR user experiences with IndoorAtlas AR.

1. Set up the venue

Start by creating an IndoorAtlas account. Set up your venue and map it with IndoorAtlas MapCreator for Android. Set up POIs with the IndoorAtlas web tool to provide location anchors for AR content.

2. Test without coding

Try AR using the IndoorAtlas demo app. The demo app has built-in AR wayfinding functionality that displays the POIs in the camera view.

3. Start developing

Start building geolocation-aware AR experiences using code examples from our GitHub account. You can use POI content from your preferred CMS with IndoorAtlas GeoAR.

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