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IndoorAtlas GroundSage

Continue your business in the New Normal

Create and maintain a safe environment for your business and visitors.

Ensure the safety

Ensure the safety of your venue and business with the real-time crowd density data you can trust.

Supervise the venue occupancy

Maintain a social distancing policy by monitoring visitor count inside your venue.

Provide crowd density updates

Deliver up-to-date and accurate crowd density information for your visitors to avoid overcrowded areas.

Manage disinfection operations

Monitoring visitor count is not the whole story. Expose areas that need cleaning to create a safe and trusted environment for your visitors.

Get crowd density reports

GroundSage provides regular crowd density information for the management and regulatory agencies.

Maximize safety and business productivity

Map, navigation, pin, gps, place, location, area

Flexible geofence management

With GroundSage, you can create highly granular and customizable geofences and grid sizes that meet the needs of your venue.

Powerful crowd density monitoring and analytics

Make data-driven decisions by integrating our real-time crowd density monitoring solution into 3rd party data sources.

Intelligent crowd density monitoring

GroundSage’s advanced algorithms calculate accurate crowd density statistics for any predefined area. You can capture crowd dynamics in large-scale events in real-time. Our algorithms extract precise information from app user’s locations and provide live crowd density data for you.

How it works

Improve safety in your venue with GroundSage.

1. Set up the venue

Start by creating an IndoorAtlas account. Upload floor plan images and define geofence areas for your venue. Next, map the space by physically walking around the venue – to do this you need to install IndoorAtlas MapCreator for your Android phone.

2. Enable data collection

Ask your visitors to install IndoorAtlas GroundSage powered mobile app that enables location data collection and crowd density calculation.

3. Provide crowd density dashboards

Your visitors will receive crowd density updates on their mobile app through GroundSage. The venue's operations team can monitor crowd density status and maintain a safe environment for everyone.

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