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IndoorAtlas Location

Enterprise-ready indoor location platform

Cross-platform indoor positioning SDK powered by patented 6-layer sensor fusion core. Fast development cycles. Easy to set up. Proven by 10,000+ developers.

Deeply integrated sensor fusion core

IndoorAtlas’ 6-layer sensor fusion stack adapts to the device’s capabilities and your use case and delivers robust performance in complex environments. It’s secure, scalable, and cost-efficient.

Technology powered by 6-layer sensor fusion core

Deploy IndoorAtlas standalone or plug it on top of your existing WiFi or beacon deployment to greatly enhance positioning performance and to enable AR experiences. IndoorAtlas location service is the cornerstone of creative location-aware user experiences indoors. Bring services to the user at their current whereabouts and let your apps adapt according to the users’ indoor location. Everything is integrated into an industry-leading cross-platform SDK.

Set up your venue

Set up your indoor space by creating a venue. Use the IndoorAtlas web tool to align your floor plan images to the world map. The floor plan images will be used to georeference the sensor data collected with a smartphone in the mapping phase. Use the web tool to manage all your deployments and their content.

Map your venue

In the mapping phase, you’ll collect sensor data with your smartphone by physically walking around the venue. This requires you to install the IndoorAtlas MapCreator app for your Android smartphone. The data collected in the mapping phase is uploaded to the IndoorAtlas cloud. The final map is generated in the cloud to enable indoor positioning for your venue. You are now ready to start building your indoor location-aware app with our cross-platform SDK.

Validate your deployment

Use IndoorAtlas web tool to validate your deployment before launching your venue. This ensures the mapping quality that is the most important element affecting the end-user experience.


Build your app

Use IndoorAtlas cross-platform SDK to build IndoorAtlas powered apps for Android, iOS, Unity, Cordovan, Xamarin, React Native, and Flutter. Get documentation and learn more about IndoorAtlas SDK, geolocation-aware AR, geofences, POIs, and use cases in our knowledge base.

Code examples and demos

Explore sample apps and demos from IndoorAtlas GitHub repository. Try out all SDK features using the IndoorAtlas app available at App Store and Google Play. Use our white-label app as a template to build your own location-aware app.

Powerful built-in features


Cross-platform technology

Select your favorite software development framework. Our SDK supports Android, iOS, Unity, Cordovan, Xamarin, React Native, and Flutter frameworks.

Indoor location with precision

The location tracking accuracy ranges from 1 to 10 meters and depends on the richness of the sensor data environment.

3D location context

IndoorAtlas cross-platform SDK provides the full location context including the building, floor level, and xy-location.

Data API

Get insights about devices’ whereabouts and generate location-based Business Intelligence.

POIs and navigation

Help your app users to find their way to their destinations with ease. Enable navigation from point A to point B and add metadata to your maps with POIs.


Geofences let your apps trigger location-aware events and adapt your app’s logic based on the device’s location.

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