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IndoorAtlas Tracker

Enterprise-ready indoor asset tracking solution

Track your laptops, IoT devices, smartphones, industrial equipment, and medical appliances easily.

Get insight into your indoor assets

Keep track of your equipment, save time, and make your processes more streamlined and faster.

Track any radio-based device

IndoorAtlas Tracker allows tracking of any devices that can scan WiFi or BLE signals.


IndoorAtlas Tracker is ideal for devices with limited resources such as wearables and IoT devices. IndoorAtlas Tracker emphasizes robustness and resource efficiency over location accuracy.

Easy to deploy

IndoorAtlas Tracker uses the same workflow and data as our full-featured Positioning SDK. IndoorAtlas’ standard deployment workflow can mix smartphones, wearables, and IoT devices.

Hosted or private

IndoorAtlas Tracker can be hosted either in the IndoorAtlas cloud or in the customer’s private cloud.


Powerful built-in features


Cross-platform technology

IndoorAtlas Tracker supports macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems.

Tracking with precision

The tracking accuracy ranges from 5 to 15 meters and depends on the richness of the surrounding radio environment.

3D location context

IndoorAtlas Tracker provides the full location context including the building, floor level, and xy-location.

How it works

Start tracking your valuable assets with IndoorAtlas Tracker.

1. Set up the venue

Start by creating an IndoorAtlas account. Set up your venue and map it with IndoorAtlas MapCreator for Android.

2. Create an API key

Create API key with IndoorAtlas Positioning API scope enabled.

3. Find location

Find the location of your device by sending the Wi-Fi or BLE scan to the locate-endpoint of the API as JSON payload of an HTTP POST request.

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