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The retail industry is an early adopter of indoor positioning technology as retailers search for ways to continue to drive an omni-channel experience and help bridge the gap between offline and online (O2O) sales.


The convergence of smartphone adoption, volume of travelers and social networking is driving the need to better manage, engage and assist travelers.


Our platform capabilities open up a range of possibilities to deliver location-based services for large building complexes, such as hospitals. Deploying an indoor positioning system can be difficult, if not impossible, when installing a large amount of beacons is not desired or even economically viable. We provide the underlying platform to ensure you can build your mobile app features quickly and with scale while using a minimal amount of infrastructure.

Asset tracking

Understanding where your key assets are at any given time is a must to maintain high utilization and to gain a competitive edge. Our technology enables tracking of people and other assets in large environments.

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