Driving great employee experiences

The role of workplace services is critical in creating great employee experiences

ServiceNow creates digital experiences that help organizations work smarter, faster, and better. IndoorAtlas helps ServiceNow to create a location-aware workflow that enables features such as precise delivery of support to an employee location and turn-by-turn navigation to workspaces and workplace resources. Powered by IndoorAtlas’ technology, ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery supports these new kinds of indoor location-aware user experiences.

ServiceNow is a leader in driving great employee experiences. With IndoorAtlas, ServiceNow can power the future of employee experiences by making it easier for people to navigate their work environment and access the workspace information and workplace services they need to remain productive. These user experiences can further be enhanced with IndoorAtlas geolocation-aware AR navigation that is an integral part of the IndoorAtlas SDK.

Our solution for ServiceNow consist of:

  • Indoor positioning service
  • 2D/AR Wayfinding solution
  • Asset tracking solution
  • Co-development services

The role of workplace services is critical in creating great employee experiences. Whether it is about reserving seats, conference rooms, workspaces, and workplace resources, or navigating offices, indoor location awareness is the key. With IndoorAtlas’ technology, ServiceNow can keep enhancing its existing Workplace Service Delivery and Now Platform capabilities to support flexible and agile workplaces of the future.

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