Augmented Reality

IndoorAtlas AR

IndoorAtlas AR enhances user engagement with geolocation-aware augmented reality experiences. Captivate your customers or visitors through interactive and innovative AR interactions

Product highlights


AR-enhanced indoor navigation

Enhance indoor navigation with AR directions and markers for easier wayfinding

Interactive AR POIs

Add informative and interactive points of interest to enhance user experiences in their surroundings

Geolocation-aware AR

Seamlessly integrate geolocation data for precise and context-aware augmented reality interactions

Product overview

  • Enhance user experience
  • Enable exciting discovery
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Maximize brand visibility
  • Integrate AR for precise and location-aware interactions
  • Add interactive and informative AR points of interest
  • Overlay AR directions and markers
  • Boost AR positioning accuracy using visual inertial odometry
  • Easily customize all 3D graphics to reflect your brand
  • Documentation and code examples
  • Enhance navigation experiences
  • Implement interactive office navigation
  • Enhance guest experiences
  • Augment event experiences
  • Create engaging location-based games
  • Boost the retail experience

IndoorAtlas AR seamlessly integrates with all standard IndoorAtlas deployments, eliminating the need for additional steps. Use IndoorAtlas CMS to easily create points of interest (POIs) and add AR content to enhance your AR experiences.



For individuals or small teams just getting started with IndoorAtlas


Trial includes:

IndoorAtlas AR
60-day non-production license*
5,000 m2 venue size limit
Max. 10 users

* Data is kept for 14 days post-subscription


Essential for developing applications powered by the IndoorAtlas platform

300€per month*

Develop includes:

IndoorAtlas AR
Core IndoorAtlas platform features
Technical support
non-production license
Max. 50 users
Unlimited venue size
Unlimited number of venues

* Subscription with credit card payment. Data is kept for 30 days post-subscription


For teams looking to pilot their newest indoor location-based app

3,000€per venue

Pilot includes:

AR pilot
Positioning SDK pilot
Technical & setup support
3-month commercial license
Unlimited venue size
Unlimited number of users


For organizations requiring IndoorAtlas platform for commercial use

+0.15€per m2 / year*

Enterprise includes:

IndoorAtlas AR
IndoorAtlas platform features tailored to your needs
Dedicated technical support
Commercial license
Scalability aligned with your business requirements

* The plan price is combined with the platform fee and incorporates volume discounts. Requires Positioning SDK

How it works

1. Venue setup

Begin by creating an IndoorAtlas account. Set up your venue and map it using IndoorAtlas MapCreator for Android. Establish a wayfinding graph and define POIs

2. AR Integration

Generate an API key with SDK access and a corresponding deep link for the AR experience within the IndoorAtlas Positioning app.

3. Develop AR app

To create your customized AR apps, select the subscription plan that best suits your requirements

Get started with IndoorAtlas.

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