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This is where you set up your indoor world. Start by creating an IndoorAtlas account. Then add your venues, floors and floor plan images. All this can be done using our web tools.

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Before you can try positioning, you will need to map your venue. Mapping, also known as fingerprinting, is done using our MapCreator2 for Android mobile application by physically walking through the venue. In order to produce high quality maps, make sure you use a suitable device for mapping.

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Integrating our SDK with your application is only a few lines of code. We support both iOS and Android. You also have a choice to use such popular development environments as Unity, Cordova and React Native.

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1 - (void)authenticateAndRequestLocation
2  {
3    // Create IALocationManager and point delegate to receiver
4    self.manager = [IALocationManager sharedInstance];
5    self.manager.delegate = self;
7    // Set IndoorAtlas API key and secret
8    [self.manager setApiKey:kAPIKey andSecret:kAPISecret];
10   // Request location updates
11   [self.manager startUpdatingLocation];
12  }
1  manager = IALocationManager.create(this);
3  manager.requestLocationUpdates(IALocationRequest.create(), listener);
5  @Override
6  public void onLocationChanged(IALocation location) {
7    android.location.Location l = location.toLocation();
8  }

Our workflow

Overview of our indoor positioning platform and our self-service workflow.

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