Hyper-local maps and navigation for millions

Eliminating boundaries between online and offline

In February 2016, IndoorAtlas and Yahoo! JAPAN joined forces to offer new location-aware experiences to millions of Yahoo! JAPAN’s customers. The objective is to drive further Yahoo! JAPAN’s vision to make Japan the most convenient country in the world.

The indoor location-based market in Japan is growing fast thanks to the extraordinary indoor infrastructure in Japan. People are spending a great amount of time in indoor environments, such as underground transportation hubs, which are offering a growing number of  services and experiences to millions of customers on a daily basis. Smart indoor spaces are actively being developed in both private and public sectors – all this creates a high demand for a proven location-based technology.

Yahoo! JAPAN is the most prominent map and location-based services provider in Japan. The company provides more than 100 services that aim to unlock everyones potential and eliminate the boundaries between online and offline.


In close collaboration with IndoorAtlas, Yahoo! JAPAN integrated IndoorAtlas SDK into Yahoo! JAPAN mobile application that offers hyper-local, performant maps and navigation for millions of users.

Our solution for Yahoo! JAPAN consists of:

  • Indoor positioning service for major transportation hubs in Japan
  • IndoorAtlas SDK integration with Yahoo! JAPAN application for iOS and Android
  • Co-development services

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