Device Tracker

IndoorAtlas Device Tracker

IndoorAtlas Tracker is a powerful indoor device tracking solution designed to track smartphones, handheld devices, computers, IoT devices, and wearables indoors

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Android tracking

Our Android solution supports all devices, includes the IndoorAtlas Tracker app source code for easy integration, and utilizes IndoorAtlas SDK's sensor fusion capabilities with a visualizing dashboard

Computer tracking

Our solution works across macOS, Windows, and Linux, supporting diverse WiFi chipsets. It leverages iBeacons where available and is provided in a versatile source code format for the radio-based background tracker agent

IndoorAtlas Tracker pilot

Trust us for seamless implementation. We handle integration, Firebase dashboard deployment, and ensure successful utilization of the IndoorAtlas Tracker for computer or Android tracking

Product overview

  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Improved decision-making
  • Real-time insights and situational awareness
  • Compatibility with Zebra’s shopping solutions


  • Seamless tracking of devices indoors
  • Storage for location history
  • Integration with a robust REST API
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Improved inventory management and customer service
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and patient care
  • Streamlined workflows and improved productivity

IndoorAtlas Tracker seamlessly integrates with all standard IndoorAtlas deployments, eliminating the need for any additional deployment steps. By simply enabling IndoorAtlas Tracker within your existing setup and installing the IndoorAtlas Tracker app or agent on users’ devices, you can effortlessly start gaining valuable insights without any hassle or extra effort


Choose the right plan for you


For teams looking to pilot their newest indoor location-based app

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Pilot includes:

IndoorAtlas Positioning SDK
Device Tracker
3-month commercial license
Unlimited venue size
Unlimited number of users


For organizations requiring IndoorAtlas platform for commercial use

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Enterprise includes:

IndoorAtlas Positioning SDK
Device Tracker
IndoorAtlas platform features tailored to your needs
Dedicated technical support
Commercial license
Scalability aligned with your business requirements

How it works

1. Set up the venue

Begin by creating an IndoorAtlas account. Set up your venue and map it using IndoorAtlas MapCreator for Android

2. Create an API key

Generate an API key with the IndoorAtlas Positioning API scope enabled

3. Find location

Retrieve the location of your device by sending a Wi-Fi or BLE scan as a JSON payload to the locate endpoint of the API.

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