Intelligent edge creates new business outcomes

Creating new experiences for users

In 2021,  IndoorAtlas became an ArubaEdge Technology Partner. Indoor positioning is an essential technology foundation for our partners on which indoor location-aware solutions are being built. Examples of such solutions are:

  • Wayfinding in healthcare complexes
  • Location-based advertising and marketing in retail
  • Finding meeting rooms and colleagues in corporate campuses
  • Finding and tracking assets inside buildings

The cost-efficiency of the indoor location technology and the required supporting infrastructure are key factors affecting the ROI of indoor location-based services. 

IndoorAtlas’ technological advantages enable cost-efficient implementation of completely new  user experiences and location-based services to Aruba’s customers. IndoorAtlas’ professional workflow and deployment tooling with powerful quality management analytics provides a solid foundation for successful deployments in global scale.

Aruba’s objective is to transform data into business outcomes at the Intelligent Edge while creating new experiences for users. For example, imagine people at a large public venue like a sports stadium or a museum where users’ mobile experience can be improved with turn-by-turn navigation or augmented reality – IndoorAtlas’ location platform enables this.

Why Aruba and IndoorAtlas

By utilising Aruba’s customers’ existing access point infrastructures, IndoorAtlas extends the infrastructures’ indoor location capabilities to a completely new level. IndoorAtlas platform complements an existing infrastructure and its location-based service potential in multiple ways:

  • IndoorAtlas’ cross platform technology leverages Aruba’s customers’ existing access point infrastructures to enable location-based solutions with high accuracy and low cost
  • IndoorAtlas’ geolocation-aware augmented reality (AR) enables a completely new indoor navigation experience and other location-based AR applications
  • IndoorAtlas works in heterogeneous access point infrastructures and provides support for extending the deployment coverage with battery powered beacons
  • IndoorAtlas offers an industry-leading  sensor fusion technology stack for indoor positioning combining WiFi, BLE, geomagnetic, pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR), barometric pressure, GPS,  and visual inertial odometry (VIO) based technologies into  an easy to use and commercially proven cross-platform SDK

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