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Enterprise-ready indoor location platform

Cross-platform SDK powered by patented 6-layer sensor fusion core. Fast development cycles. Easy to set up. Proven by 10,000+ developers.

A deeply integrated sensor fusion core

IndoorAtlas’ 6-layer sensor fusion stack adapts to the device’s capabilities and your use case and delivers robust performance in complex environments. It’s secure, scalable, and cost-efficient.



IndoorAtlas uses GPS to get the city block level location of the device. Knowing the device's global context is the first step.

Wi-Fi / BLE

Wi-Fi and BLE provide fast first-fix performance and aid in detecting floor and indoor-outdoor transitions. IndoorAtlas supports all Wi-Fi networks, iBeacon, and Eddystone BLEs.
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Buildings have unique magnetic landscapes produced by the Earth’s magnetic field. IndoorAtlas uses the magnetic field inside the building as a map to accurately track the device's location.


IndoorAtlas tracks the device’s movement using the built-in inertial sensors in the smartphone. We cover all sorts of movement from rolling to flying.


IndoorAtlas’ deep algorithm level fusion of mobile platform-specific augmented reality SDK enables high-performing geolocation-aware AR applications.


Barometric sensors enable IndoorAtlas to detect even the tiniest changes in atmospheric pressure. Typically this happens when the user walks up or down a flight of stairs or uses escalators or elevators.

Discover our powerful built-in features

Our developer-friendly platform provides a complete workflow and set of tools for indoor positioning enabling you to build indoor location-based services such as search, wayfinding, and proximity marketing for greater user satisfaction and engagement.

Technology powered by 6-layer sensor fusion core

Deploy IndoorAtlas standalone or plug it on top of your existing WiFi or beacon deployment to greatly enhance positioning performance and to enable AR experiences. IndoorAtlas’ positioning engine is the cornerstone of creative location-aware user experiences indoors. Bring services to the user at their current whereabouts and let your apps adapt according to the users’ indoor location.

Inspire visitors with new AR experiences

AR wayfinding is easy and fun to use. Extend user’s AR experience with POIs and location-aware AR content such as Ads or social media posts embedded in the real world.

Show relevant content at the right time in the right place

Geofences let your apps trigger location-aware events and adapt your app’s logic based on the device’s location.

Turn-by-turn navigation

POIs help your customers find their way to their destinations with ease. Enable navigation from point A to point B and add metadata to your maps.

Find answers with IndoorAtlas Data API

Get insights about devices’ whereabouts and generate location-based Business Intelligence. Use the Data API if you are interested in insights about where people dwell in your venue, or if you need location data for a 3rd party Business Intelligence platform.

Track your assets

Use our asset tracking solution to see where each device of your fleet is across multiple venues. IndoorAtlas Tracker has a built-in fleet dashboard and supports iOS, Android, Windows, and embedded platforms.

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