IndoorAtlas Wayfinding

Powered by the IndoorAtlas SDK, our wayfinding product ensures the accuracy and efficiency of guiding users through intricate venues, including airports, hospitals, shopping malls, and large office buildings

Product highlights


Seamless navigation

Effortlessly guide users with customizable visualization, ensuring precise navigation through intricate venues


Experience uninterrupted navigation with our offline functionality. Our wayfinding solution ensures users can always reach their destination

Immersive AR Journeys

Elevate user engagement with our augmented reality extension providing a cutting-edge and immersive journey for your users

Product overview

  • Guided navigation through intricate venues
  • Deliver a superior customer experience
  • Streamline movement within your venue
  • Adapts to various Industries
  • Fully customizable visualization
  • Offline functionality
  • Definable navigable areas
  • Augmented reality extension available
  • Streamline the passenger journey in airports
  • Navigate patients, visitors, and staff in hospitals
  • Enhance the shopping experience
  • Simplify navigation within large complexes

Deploying IndoorAtlas Positioning Wayfinding is a streamlined and straightforward process, ensuring accurate and reliable indoor positioning and wayfinding. Utilize our user-friendly web tool for venue setup, floor plan alignment, sensor data collection, deployment validation, and app development. Integrate wayfinding into your location-based service and unlock new possibilities for your business

Choose the right plan for you


For individuals or small teams just getting started with IndoorAtlas


Trial includes:

IndoorAtlas Wayfinding
60-day non-production license*
5,000 m2 venue size limit
Max. 10 users

* Data is kept for 14 days post-subscription


Essential for developing applications powered by the IndoorAtlas platform

400€per month*

Develop includes:

IndoorAtlas Wayfinding
Core IndoorAtlas platform features
Technical support
non-production license
Max. 50 users
Unlimited venue size
Unlimited number of venues

* Subscription with credit card payment. Data is kept for 30 days post-subscription


For teams looking to pilot their newest indoor location-based app

3,000€per venue

Pilot includes:

Wayfinding pilot
Positioning SDK pilot
3-month commercial license
Unlimited venue size
Unlimited number of users


For organizations requiring IndoorAtlas platform for commercial use

0€per m2 / year*

Enterprise includes:

IndoorAtlas Wayfinding
IndoorAtlas platform features tailored to your needs
Dedicated technical support
Commercial license
Scalability aligned with your business requirements

* included in the Positioning SDK

How it works

1. Venue setup

Start by creating an IndoorAtlas account. Set up and map your venue using IndoorAtlas MapCreator for Android

2. Create wayfinding graph

Generate a wayfinding graph using the IndoorAtlas Web App

3. Integrate

Implement the IndoorAtlas SDK's wayfinding API into your mobile app and deploy it to users

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