IndoorAtlas Heatmap

Gain valuable insights with IndoorAtlas Heatmap. Visualize the movement of devices within indoor spaces and optimize space utilization with dynamic heatmaps

Product highlights


Enhance space utilization

Optimize space utilization and operational efficiency with IndoorAtlas Heatmap. Visualize device movement patterns and make data-driven decisions for improved resource allocation

Visualize user flow

Generate dynamic heatmaps that highlight areas of high and low user activity. Easily interpret and analyze device density and movement patterns within your indoor environment

Historical data analysis

Access historical data to identify trends and patterns in device movement. Make informed decisions based on comprehensive insights.

Product overview

  • Enhance space utilization
  • Optimize operational efficiency
  • Make data-driven decisions


  • Highlight areas of high and low user activity
  • Access historical data for trend identification
  • Optimize store layouts and improve customer experiences
  • Streamline guest flow and improve service efficiency
  • Enhance patient flow management and staff allocation
  • Optimize passenger flow in transportation hubs

IndoorAtlas Heatmap seamlessly integrates with your existing IndoorAtlas setup. Activate the heatmap feature and start visualizing device movement within your indoor environment. Gain actionable insights to enhance operational efficiency and make data-driven decisions


Develop Lite

Developing applications powered by the IndoorAtlas platform

49€per month*

Develop Lite includes:

IndoorAtlas Positioning SDK
non-production license
Max. 10 users
Unlimited venue size

* Subscription with credit card payment. Data is kept for 30 days post-subscription


Essential for teams developing applications and in-house demonstrations powered by the IndoorAtlas platform

400€per month*

Develop includes:

IndoorAtlas Positioning SDK
All essential IndoorAtlas platform features
Technical support
non-production license
Max. 50 users
Unlimited venue size
Unlimited number of venues

* Subscription with credit card payment. Data is kept for 30 days post-subscription


For teams looking to pilot their newest indoor location-based app

3,000€per venue*

Pilot includes:

Heatmap pilot
Positioning SDK pilot
3-month commercial license
Unlimited venue size
Unlimited number of users

* The Heatmap is included in the Positioning SDK pilot


For organizations requiring IndoorAtlas platform for commercial use

+0.06€per m2 / year*

Enterprise includes:

IndoorAtlas Positioning SDK
IndoorAtlas platform features tailored to your needs
Dedicated technical support
Commercial license
Scalability aligned with your business requirements

* The plan price is combined with the platform fee and incorporates volume discounts. Requires Positioning SDK

How it works

1. Venue setup

Begin by creating an IndoorAtlas account. Set up your venue and map it using IndoorAtlas MapCreator for Android. Opt for session data storage

2. Create API keys

Create an API key with the enabled IndoorAtlas DATA API scope, and another one with the Positioning API scope

3. Generate heatmap

In the IndoorAtlas web app, choose start and end times to fetch session data for heatmap generation, then click "Go"

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