IndoorAtlas Data REST API

IndoorAtlas Data REST API is a powerful tool that provides access to positioning data for businesses and developers. With this API, you can enhance your location-based services, improve user experiences, and gain valuable insights into user behavior within indoor environments

Product highlights


Effortless Data Retrieval

Access user positioning data seamlessly through the Data REST API. Retrieve positioning session identifiers, metadata, and geolocation data effortlessly, empowering your applications with valuable insights

Business-Centric Insights

Leverage the API to gain business-focused insights. Analyze venue visit patterns, user behaviors, and engagement metrics to enhance decision-making and tailor strategies to customer preferences

Secure and Scalable

Enjoy peace of mind with our secure and scalable data access. Our API key integration ensures data security while allowing you to confidently scale your applications to meet growing demands

Product overview

  • Data-driven insights
  • Enhanced user experiences
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • User positioning data
  • Session metadata
  • API key integration
  • Mapping TraceId to SDK Setup ID
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Venue management
  • Business intelligence
  • Retail analytics

Deploying IndoorAtlas Data REST API is a streamlined and straightforward process. Utilize our user-friendly web tool for venue setup, floor plan alignment, sensor data collection, deployment validation, and app development. Generate an API key with the IndoorAtlas Data API and and obtain insights into the usage patterns of your venue

Choose the right plan for you


For individuals or small teams just getting started with IndoorAtlas

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Trial includes:

IndoorAtlas Data REST API
60-day non-production license*
5,000 m2 venue size limit
Max. 10 users

* Data is kept for 14 days post-subscription


Essential for developing applications powered by the IndoorAtlas platform

300€per month*

Develop includes:

Core IndoorAtlas platform features
Technical support
non-production license
Max. 50 users
Unlimited venue size
Unlimited number of venues

* Subscription with credit card payment. Data is kept for 30 days post-subscription


For teams looking to pilot their newest indoor location-based app

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Pilot includes:

Data REST API pilot
Positioning SDK pilot
Technical & setup support
3-month commercial license
Unlimited venue size
Unlimited number of users


For organizations requiring IndoorAtlas platform for commercial use

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Enterprise includes:

IndoorAtlas Data REST API
IndoorAtlas platform features tailored to your needs
Dedicated technical support
Commercial license
Scalability aligned with your business requirements

How it works

1. Venue setup

Set up the venue and distribute an app that utilizes the IndoorAtlas SDK to users. Request users to opt-in for data usage for your specified purpose

2. Generate an API key

Generate an API key with the IndoorAtlas Data API scope enabled

3. Gain insights

Retrieve data and obtain insights into the usage patterns of your venue, device traces throughout the venue, and similar metrics

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