Planning beacon deployments with IndoorAtlas

Bluetooth beacons are an essential ingredient in providing the best possible indoor positioning experience for end users with iOS smartphones. IndoorAtlas positioning uses patented sensor-fusion algorithms which utilize radio signal sources already in the environment, but in some cases relying on existing beacons is not enough to guarantee a sharp quick position fix, and you might want to make a beacon installation of your own.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new tool to supplement the IndoorAtlas mapping workflow, the IndoorAtlas Beacon Planner. This tool helps you estimate the number of beacons required for decent coverage in your location, and suggests a beacon placement for you, so you will be well equipped when going on site to collect mapping data with IndoorAtlas MapCreator. All you have to do is outline the area to be mapped with the provided intuitive drawing controls.

The Beacon Planner is accessible through the Locations view in the IndoorAtlas web tool. See the Planner in action in the video below and read more on our support site.