Re-introducing IndoorAtlas Heatmap

Explore your data with the Heatmap tool

The heatmap tool for exploring IndoorAtlas positioning data started as a hackathon project, and later proved itself an invaluable tool in customer support and enabling self-serve deployments. Now a re-written version of the heatmap has been integrated to our web tool, available for all users.

Built on top of the IndoorAtlas Data REST API, the heatmap tool serves multiple purposes: It answers the first question in location analytics – Where and how much? – and provides a starting point for more detailed analysis of indoor positioning performance via links to IndoorAtlas Session Viewer.

Open the Location overview page of one of your IndoorAtlas locations, and start exporing your data! Detailed instructions on how to use the heatmap are available in our support portal. Note that, as the tool is still in development, changes to the UI and feature set are to be expected.