Digital transformation in healthcare

Helping patients and visitors get to the right place at the right time

In 2019, IndoorAtlas and Purple joined forces to deliver digital maps and turn-by-turn navigation for hospitals to help patients, visitors, and healthcare personnel to navigate inside hospitals. Purple is specialised in mapping buildings and transforming floor plans into visually pleasing digital maps that can be displayed online, on kiosks, and in app to enhance users’ navigation experience. Purple’s objective is to:

  • Help visitors get to where they need to be safely, and on time
  • Allow visitors to find their way on arrival with interactive kiosks and digital maps
  • Deliver an unbeatable blue-dot navigation experience via Purple’s mobile app
  • Drive revenue and encourage dwell with accurate and relevant location-based alerts

Purple offers accurate turn-by-turn directions for visitors within your venue ensuring they always know what their next move is in the form of an easy to use mobile app.


The IndoorAtlas powered mobile app is the newest addition to Purple’s suite of well-established way-finding solutions that help patients and visitors pre-plan hospital visits and navigate around the facility. The app helps hospitals provide GPS-like indoor navigation to their mobile community who prefer smartphones to other forms of information retrieval.

Our solution for Purple consists of:

  • Indoor positioning service
  • IndoorAtlas SDK integration
  • Co-development services

“We wanted to do something different. We wanted to create a best-of-breed indoor way-finding mobile app that’s affordable for any hospital anywhere, one that doesn’t require expensive infrastructure, a long implementation and lots of ongoing maintenance”

Mike Drozda
Head of Solutions Delivery

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