IndoorAtlas Newsletter – February 2024




February 2024

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Selected Product Highlights

IndoorAtlas AR

As a friendly reminder, you can effortlessly explore all the standard features of IndoorAtlas without any coding by using the IndoorAtlas Positioning app. This includes AR wayfinding and georeferenced AR objects, such as Ads.Here’s what you need:

  • A fingerprinted area
  • Wayfinding graph
  • A few Points of Interest (POIs)
  • Optionally for AR: iPhone or ARCore-supported Android device

Download IndoorAtlas Positioning app from Google Play or the App Store. After installation, launch the app using a deep link created in the IndoorAtlas Web App.

No opportunity to deploy IndoorAtlas just yet? No worries, take a sneak peek at our AR demo video on YouTube.

IndoorAtlas Dwell Time

We are pleased to present IndoorAtlas Dwell Time, a robust solution designed to provide insightful analytics on app user dwell times across various areas:

  • Unlock valuable insights to enhance venue performance. Analyze app user dwell times to make data-driven decisions, optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Leverage user counts and dwell times within predefined geofences to inform strategic resource allocation and operational enhancements.
  • Visualize aggregated dwell time data to identify patterns and inform informed decision-making

IdoorAtlas Tracker for Computers

Did you know that our customers are leveraging IndoorAtlas for ICT lifecycle management across thousands of leased computers? Monitoring changes in asset ownership, usage, and location is vital for large organizations. Indoor location awareness enables proactive and cost-efficient device substitutions. Discover more about the IndoorAtlas Tracker for computers.

Airport News

As you delve into the world of IndoorAtlas, you might have noticed that our discussions often revolve around scenarios where end users navigate through venues with smartphones or tablets. However, we’re excited to share that our technology extends beyond personal devices, making a significant impact on shopping carts and logistics.

Imagine tablets mounted on shopping carts in retail settings or airports, providing dynamic wayfinding for efficient navigation. Even logistics operations benefit from the cart-mounted approach, enabling real-time asset location updates for streamlined workflows.

To optimize the experience for cart use cases, IndoorAtlas has developed a specialized sensor fusion mode for its SDK. Activating the cart-mode is as simple as making a small code adjustment, as outlined in our Android examples.

Explore how one of our partners Intelligent Track Systems leverages IndoorAtlas in airport shopping carts.

Deployments Overview

IndoorAtlas Web App now features a new capability that provides users with an overview of all their deployments. This feature offers detailed insights into the mapped areas of each building and floor, allowing users to better manage their deployments. Additionally, users can export this overview as a CSV file, enabling further analysis and integration with other systems.


From underground mining trials to mobile SDK excellence, our geomagnetic technology has been refined through diverse environments. With precision positioning capabilities tested in settings like the Pyhasalmi underground copper and zinc mine in central Finland in 2010, our technology ingeniously utilized spatial magnetic patterns generated by metallic mineral distributions inside the mine at depths of 1400 meters below the surface. Today, everything is seamlessly integrated into our SDK for mobile devices, transforming indoor navigation.

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