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How Westend Shopping Center succeeded with its digital transformation

A look into how Westend Shopping Center has succeeded in having a shopping center app with features customized to cater to the shopping center’s wants and needs in order to create the very best shopping experiences for the shopping center’s visitors and propel Westend into the digital era.


Finding the best possible solution that propels your shopping center into the digital era, provides great experiences for your customers and adds value all around can be difficult, but Westend has succeeded in having a shopping center app that does this with features catered to the shopping center’s wants and needs. In this case study we’ll have a look at Westend, it’s goals and how its shopping center app can fulfil those.

Before diving head first into the case study, let’s give a proper introduction to Westend Shopping Center; Westend Shopping Center is located in Budapest, Hungary. Westend is home to over 400 different stores – this makes it one of the largest shopping centers in Central Europe.

Emplate got the opportunity to interview the Director of Asset Management at Westend to hear about his take on what it has meant and why Westend decided to find a digital solution and the goals Westend has for the future.

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