Deployment Service

IndoorAtlas Deployment Service

The Deployment Service is designed to simplify the technical installation process. With this innovative service, IndoorAtlas takes the reins, ensuring a hassle-free deployment experience. By allowing our experts to manage the entire installation, you can quickly harness the full potential of our indoor positioning technology, without the worry of technical implementation challenges. With the Deployment Service, you can swiftly start utilizing our indoor positioning technology, accelerating your time-to-value and reaping the benefits sooner

Service highlights


Effortless Installation

Say goodbye to the complexities of technical installation. Our Deployment as a Service streamlines the entire process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free implementation of IndoorAtlas

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of our dedicated team of specialists. They bring years of experience in indoor positioning technology to the table, guaranteeing a flawless deployment tailored to your unique needs

Early Adoption Advantage

Become an early adopter of the Deployment Service. Participate in our piloting phase and be among the first to unlock the potential of simplified deployment for indoor positioning technology

Product overview

  • Seamless deployment
  • Cost efficiency
  • Expert guidance
  • Faster Time-to-Value
  • End-to-end deployment
  • Dedicated expert team
  • Early access opportunity

Choose the right service for you


For teams looking to pilot their newest indoor location-based app

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Pilot includes:

Deployment Service
Validation & handover
Technical support
5,000 m2 venue size limit


For organizations requiring IndoorAtlas platform for commercial use

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Enterprise includes:

Deployment Service
Validation & handover
Dedicated technical support
Flexible three-year payment plan

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