Indoor Positioning and Wayfinding for Shopping Carts

One of the most interesting new features in IndoorAtlas SDK 3.2 is the Cart Mode that helps to accurately locate and track things that move on wheels. We’ve received frequent interest towards implementing Wayfinding and positioning for shopping carts, so let’s hope this new SDK feature fills the gap.

To deploy a solution using the new SDK mode, you’d mount Android or iOS tablet or smartphone on a shopping cart as shown in the picture below. Indoor positioning for shopping carts enables several use cases from searching products and navigating to them, to selecting a recipe and following a route to collect the ingredients. Not to forget the obvious one of showing timely product information when the shopper dwells near them.

In the past, our mobile SDK assumed a walking person holding the mobile device. Thus, the SDK was not applicable for tracking shopping carts. While our recent SDKs have included radio positioning mode to support such non-walking scenarios, the new Cart Mode uses the full IndoorAtlas positioning stack to bring the ’on-wheels’ tracking accuracy to the next level.

The video below demonstrates the performance in a supermarket. Note that in shopping cart use cases it’s possible to run the IndoorAtlas positioning stack nonstop providing high accuracy tracking experience throughout the open hours.


The following video demonstrates how the Cart Mode feature can also be used to implement the very useful ‘Find My Car’ use case. In the video, the person navigates with the shopping cart from the supermarket all the way to his car in the mall’s parking garage.


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