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– Product news
– Explore Your Data with the Heatmap Tool
– Airport News
– New Plans & Pricing
– Introducing IndoorAtlas Develop
– Introducing the New IndoorAtlas Floor Plan Tool

Product news

Explore our updated product web pages, now featuring comprehensive pricing information, accessible through the links below.

  • Positioning SDK: Experience the cutting-edge IndoorAtlas Positioning SDK, powered by a patented multi-layer sensor fusion core
  • Heatmap: Gain valuable insights and visualize the movement of devices within indoor spaces with IndoorAtlas Heatmap
  • Augmented Reality: Enhance user engagement, deliver interactive experiences, and captivate your visitors with IndoorAtlas AR
  • Dwell Time: Optimize venue performance and gain valuable insights into app user dwell times with IndoorAtlas Dwell Time
  • Positioning REST API: Unlock the full potential of cloud-based indoor positioning technology with IndoorAtlas Positioning REST API
  • Device Tracker: Easily track smartphones, handheld devices, computers, IoT devices, and wearables with IndoorAtlas Tracker
  • Recommendation SDK: Unlock the power of location-based recommendations with IndoorAtlas Recommendation SDK

Explore Your Data with the Heatmap Tool

Built on top of the IndoorAtlas Data REST API, our heatmap tool serves multiple crucial functions. It addresses the foundational question in location analytics: “Where and to what extent?” Additionally, it serves as an entry point for conducting more comprehensive analyses of indoor positioning performance by providing links to the IndoorAtlas Session Viewer tool.

To get started, simply open the Location Overview page of one of your IndoorAtlas locations within our web tool and initiate your data exploration. For detailed instructions on how to utilize the heatmap effectively, please consult our support portal. Please be aware that, since the tool is still under development, you can anticipate future changes to the user interface and feature set.

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Airport News

Over the past year, IndoorAtlas has closely collaborated with Bangalore International Airport, utilizing our expertise in indoor positioning and navigation to bring the airport’s location-based vision to life. Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), the operator of Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru, has created a personalized digital travel companion to cater to travelers’ needs. BIAL introduces BLR Pulse, an omnichannel platform that empowers passengers to navigate within terminal buildings and access essential real-time airport information. Read the full story on The Indian Express.

New Plans & Pricing

Discover our latest subscription plans and detailed pricing information on Our subscription offerings comprise four foundational plans outlined below.

Introducing IndoorAtlas Develop

Are you a dedicated development team on the lookout for a seamless indoor positioning platform? We’re excited to introduce the IndoorAtlas Develop subscription plan, thoughtfully crafted to simplify your journey. Whether you’re a professional developer or part of an organization seeking efficiency, IndoorAtlas Develop is your companion. It empowers you to accelerate project development, helping you stay competitive.

  • Effortless Technical Support: In response to the requests from our valued developers, IndoorAtlas Develop blends some of the enterprise-level technical support our community adores. With this support, we’re here to guide you every step of the way, making your project development smoother.
  • Affordable Access to All Features: Priced at 300€ per month , IndoorAtlas Develop offers an affordable gateway to our full suite of features. Unleash your creativity and explore our platform without constraints.
  • Versatile Testing Across Venues: Enjoy the freedom to test your indoor positioning solutions in various venues. Experiment, refine, and fine-tune your projects across different environments at your own pace.
  • Our exclusive onboarding session is included, an invaluable resource praised by our developers for its effectiveness. It’s the perfect way to acquaint yourself with our platform and embark on your projects with confidence.

To subscribe to IndoorAtlas Develop today, please send an email to .

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Introducing the New IndoorAtlas Floor Plan Tool

We are excited to introduce the latest improvement to our platform – the enhanced IndoorAtlas Floor Plan Alignment Tool. We’ve listened to your feedback and have focused on making this tool more user-friendly and efficient. The new IndoorAtlas Floor Plan Alignment Tool provides a seamless experience for aligning your floor plans with maps or aerial images. Whether you are a seasoned user or new to IndoorAtlas, you’ll find this tool accessible and easy to use.

To see the new tool in action, we invite you to watch our step-by-step guide on YouTube: Watch Now.

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