Announcing IndoorAtlas 2.0 SDK and services

Today, I’m excited to reveal several major upgrades and improvements made to the IndoorAtlas solutions for ubiquitous indoor positioning for mobile applications. This is a big step for us, and we believe it will be an even bigger step to enable new use cases for our developer partners, so I hope you have a moment to spend with this message!


Starting with the most visible – we are happy to introduce our new developer documentation site at We’ve collected our API docs, tutorials, examples and related material here for easier reference and access. The site is also hooked up with our online support tools, so if you’re signed in, you’ll be able to immediately contact our customer and developer support team.

Second, we have spent the last six months doing major under-the-hood and API upgrades to our Android and iOS SDKs, which in the new 2.0 release are much closer to the location framework APIs of both platforms, making them much easier to integrate. If you already were using our 1.x releases, we also have point-by-point migration guides for the new API (Android, iOS).

SDK2Third, we’ve also made major updates to the cloud architecture powering the positioning solution, and are able to show off the first of the new major features with this SDK release. We are now able to automatically locate the mobile device without any settings or parameters from the app. That’s right – no hardcoded venue ids, floor numbers, map references, beaconidentifiers, or anything of the sort. This, plus the ever-growing list of positioning-enabled venues all across the globe, enable completely new use cases for universal indoor location, such as multi-venue navigation and location aware search.

Finally, as part of the under-the-hood improvements, our positioning accuracy, time-to-first-fix and other performance characteristics have again improved dramatically, delivering improved user experience to your end users.

You can find out more at the release notes, posted on our shiny new developer site, so head there to check it out.

There’s a lot more coming up, and we can hardly wait to be able to tell what we have in store next. Sadly, I still need to keep the curtains closed for a bit longer. However, I do want to take this opportunity to note we’re currently recruiting developers for several upcoming products and would love to talk with people interested to join our growing company.

As always, be in touch to tell us about your experience. We’re always looking for ways to make you more successful with your apps!

// Osma Ahvenlampi, SVP Engineering