AR Wayfinding Code Example Released

After the recent release of our AR SDK and the Showcase apps in Google Play and App Store, we’ve seen great interest in our georeferenced AR technology from the market and existing partners. The most common request from our developers has been how to integrate AR wayfinding to an existing navigation app.

As a platform company, we always strive to make our platform a pleasant ride for our customers and developers. To help our customers to build their own AR wayfinding products, we’ve now released a fully functional AR wayfinding code example in IndoorAtlas’ Github Android Examples repository and iOS repository.

Location-based AR Ad during navigation

The new AR example code is part of the Build-and-Run example suite demonstrating a complete set of IndoorAtlas SDK features. The AR example comes in two variants:

1. AR Wayfinding and displaying AR POIs.
2. Visualizing 3rd party Wayfinding routes.

The first example uses IndoorAtlas as a one-stop-shop for indoor positioning, AR, and wayfinding. The second example introduces  a powerful way to enable AR wayfinding experience for customers who have  their own wayfinding implementation and who want to use IndoorAtlas as the indoor positioning platform. We at IndoorAtlas appreciate both types of customers.

With both approaches above you can use the IndoorAtlas AR SDK to display location-based ads and other location-based virtual content to the end-user in a visually pleasing manner in the device’s camera view.

AR Navigation and Wayfinding

We hope you enjoy cloning, modifying, and being creative with the IndoorAtlas AR examples! Please let us know about your projects or share them publicly for everyone to enjoy!