Developer News + SDK 2.5 Released

Hey there,

A while ago we notified you about our SDK 2.5 Beta release and that summer had finally reached Finland. Now about two months later, our SDK2.5 GA is ready but I am afraid that summer has already left Finland. Well, no matter, now we can focus on improving the product and here are our latest updates:

SDK 2.5 GA

As mentioned already, SDK 2.5 is out for General Availability. A quick summary of its most important features:

  • Geofences. You can configure as many geofences you like and we’ll let you know as they trigger. Example code is available in our public iOS and Android GitHub repos.
  • Low Power Mode. You can now run our SDK in a special Low Power Model where accuracy is roughly a “room level” accuracy but you get that with reduced power consumption. Read the details from SDK 2.5 Release Notes.

New Pilot Programs

Do you have a gaming or AR/VR project where you would like to use indoorpositioning with Unity or an IoT project with Android Things? In near future, we are going to provide support for these platforms and hence we are now looking for companies that would like to participate as pilot users. If you are planning such an project, do let us know by submitting this form!

Micello Import

Micello is a worldwide leader providing indoor maps and navigation data. Micello’s products include a global maps database, developer platform and SDKs, and a marketplace of integrated solutions.

Using our web tool, you can now import any number of maps hosted in Micello with just couple of clicks. The import will take care of creating locations and floors, copying floor plan images and geo aligning everything correctly. To do this now, go to and hit the “Import” button.

MapCreator 2

Our mapping tool for Android has also receiving long list of improvements including but not limited to:

  • You can now use really large floor plan bitmaps without getting out-of-memory issues and without losing any of the map details.
  • Several quality control checks have been added to warn you about any issues during mapping and to give you a chance to fix them before leaving the site.
  • You can now measure and submit floor heights directly from the app.
  • A separate view was added to test positioning
  • We added grid utility to allow easy waypoint placement

Positioning App 2.0 for iOS

An app that allows you to quickly test positioning in any previously mapped building. These are the changes in version 2.0:

  • World map view positioning mode
  • Separate indoor-only mode
  • New credential views
  • IndoorAtlas SDK 2.5

Download on the App Store

Product Lifecycle Notifications

SDK 1.4.x & Map Creator 1

About six months ago we gave End Of Life notification for MapCreator 1 and SDK 1.4.x. That day has now arrived and this is the final heads up that the service for these products will be now stopped. For mapping please use MapCreator 2 and for integrating our service with you application, please use our latest software development kit SDK 2.5.

SDK 2.0.x – 2.2.x
Almost exactly one year ago we launched our SDK 2.3. This version uses our next generation IPS algorithm that is far more advanced over the earlier versions. By this date, we start a six months End Of Live period for SDKversions prior to SDK 2.3. To receive the best possible performance, make sure you upgrade your application to use our SDK 2.5.

Customer Deployments

If you have not checked it out already, see this YouTube video on how Sarasota Memorial Hospital together with LogicJunction deployed IndoorAtlas technology into healthcare space to guide patients and visitors through their 1.5M sq. ft. multi-tower facility.


Jukka Raanamo
SVP Product Management


IndoorAtlas SDK 2.5 is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738580