Example integration: IndoorAtlas + WRLD


Building Highlight

WRLD is a company that provides a dynamic 3D mapping platform for smart cities and buildings, gaming, AR/VR experiences, and more. We built a demo application that integrates some of the functionality between IndoorAtlas SDK for Android and WRLD SDK for Android. As WRLD provides fantastic looking visual representation of both outdoor and indoor maps, it is an ideal platform to demonstrate IndoorAtlas’ indoor-outdoor detection. Read more about how to get your indoor maps into the WRLD platform from WRLD website:

Integration Features

Venue Detection

When IndoorAtlas SDK signals that user is in near proximity of a venue, we’ll use the WRLD platforms Building Highlight -feature to draw users attention. Checkout WRLD documentation for Building Highlighting and read more about IndoorAtlas region events.

Indoor view

Indoor-outdoor Detection

When IndoorAtlas SDK signals that user has entered a floor plan, we’ll switch from world map view into indoor view. Checkout WRLD documentation for entering indoor map and read more about IndoorAtlas region events.

Floor Change Detection

Floor selector view

When IndoorAtlas SDK signals that user has changed from one floor to another, we automatically switch to display correct floor. Checkout WRLD documentation for moving between floors.

The Blue Dot

Obviously, when the user moves around we update the blue dot and it’s heading indicator. WRLD has a separate widget called Blue Sphere to do just that, see WRLD documentation for moving the Blue Sphere indoors and IndoorAtlas documentation for location updates.



The Code

The example code is shared via IndoorAtlas GitHub repository: You need to edit app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml and add both IndoorAtlas and WRLD api keys:

    <string name="eegeo_api_key">EEGEO_KEY_KEY_HERE</string>

    <string name="indooratlas_api_key">INDOORATLAS_API_KEY_HERE</string>

    <string name="indooratlas_api_secret">INDOORATLAS_API_SECRET_HERE</string>

About WRLD

WRLD is a 3D mapping software company that provides a platform for creating building management solutions, smart cities, games, virtual experiences and more. Powerful spatial applications are built using the WRLD SDKs and APIs at enterprises like IBM and Bloomberg to AR/VR pioneers. As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, our 3D maps serve as a digital twin to anchor and visualize sensor data in a meaningful way. Our mapping platform is built with high quality GIS and open source map data. We continue to expand our map coverage of the entire world in 3D, including indoors, to intelligently represent and facilitate unprecedented exploration of our world.


Jukka Raanamo
SVP Product Management



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738580