Indoor Location-Based Services Emerging in Health Care

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System announced a pioneering location-based app called “SMH Wayfinder” that helps people to navigate inside the 1.5 million sq. ft. Sarasota Memorial Hospital campus. This made the SMH the first hospital in US to adopt an indoor location-based service that is powered by IndoorAtlas. Sarasota Memorial Hospital has been recognized consistently as one of the USA’s safest and best, with superior patient outcomes and complete continuum of outpatient services.

Today, hospitals worldwide are actively exploring new ways to create better working environments for their staff and to enhanced the experience of patients through the digitalization and adoption of innovative technologies. At the same time, the new technologies help hospitals to operate more efficiently.

IndoorAtlas’ vision is to make indoor worlds discoverable. We are thrilled to see how health care sector is now adapting IndoorAtlas platform to realise a vision of a future hospital. SMH Wayfinder app is an innovative start, and we will see more new services and apps emerging in the healthcare sector that utilise the indoor location context. In the future, the location data may help hospitals to gain new knowledge for optimizing daily processes, hospital layouts and functions, and flow of assets, for example. This will further help the hospitals to focus on the well-being of patients and the staff. We at IndoorAtlas are privileged to witness the adoption of new emerging technologies, such as IndoorAtlas, by one of the most important and prestigious infrastructures of the modern society.

Erik Piehl, CEO of IndoorAtlas


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738580