IndoorAtlas Autumn Hackathon

A hackathon also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest is a design sprint-like event in which software development teams gathers together to try out something new. For us at IndoorAtlas it is a biannual tradition and great way to connect teams normally working in different locations.

This year we gathered together in the venue of “The View – Oulujoki” that offers a beautiful view, sleeping facilities, sauna and palju (hot outdoor bath) close to the city of Oulu. It also offers possibility to outdoor activities, such as darts, mölkky, wheelbarrow disc golf putting challenge, campfire food-preparation, and swimming:

The main idea in our hackathons is to use our technology for new ideas outside of planned roadmap. Staff can organize itself in small teams to implement and/or research some of the ideas and here are some highlights we tried this time:

  • Inertial navigation for farmers: Wheelbarrow-mounted smartphone doing INS-based positioning around the house
  • Heatmap visualization with Data API: Using IndoorAtlas Data API to fetch user session data and visualizing it with Mapbox Web GL JS visualization
  • AR WiFi RTT Point Cloud Mapper: Augmented reality-based mapping tool for collecting WiFi RTT maps
  • Emscripten algorithm port: Running IndoorAtlas positioning in a web browser

Many times our hackathons lead into something that improves our core product so stay tuned for future news.

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