IndoorAtlas on wheels, and POIs – SDK 3.2 released

We are pleased to announce the general availability release of IndoorAtlas SDK 3.2! After a couple of months in Beta the new SDK features are now polished to production quality and ready to be put to use in awesome location-aware apps! Here are some feature highlights of the new SDK:

  • Cart mode, AKA on-wheels mode, a new mode of positioning, which can used to locate objects which don’t take steps.
  • Points of Interest, or POIs, can be added to your locations in, and can now be downloaded to your app through the SDK.
  • Improvements to background positioning in the (default) high-accuracy mode, for cases where the device is in a pocket, hand bag, etc.
  • Improved low-power mode, to enable better positioning performance in apps running in low end devices, in the background, and other challenging use cases.

In addition there are significant improvements to indoor-outdoor detection, as well as several tweaks under the hood for an optimal indoor (and outdoor!) positioning experience. Check out the release notes for more information.