IndoorAtlas SDK 2.7 released with Wayfinding

Indoor navigation is one of the most powerful applications of indoor positioning. Helping one’s users to easily and quickly find their way to the doctor’s appointment or back to their car in a multi-floor parking garage can save significant time and money, in addition to reducing the frustration of being lost.

An indoor navigation solution is hardly complete without wayfinding, which has been among the top use case of IndoorAtlas technology. However, up until now, the developers have needed to build most of the wayfinding logic themselves starting from the blue dot or rely on third party solutions.

Starting with SDK 2.7, the IndoorAtlas platform includes its own native wayfinding plugin, which makes building a wayfinding application easier than ever before!

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IndoorAtlas wayfinding plugins are currently available for iOS, Android and Cordova. Check out the release notes to learn more! The feature is still in beta phase and we’ll be honing the implementation and adding fetures in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Otto Seiskari