Long live SDK 3.0

We’re happy to announce that the IndoorAtlas SDK 3.0 with offline positioning is now considered ready for production usage. Hooray!

To realize the full potential of this edge computing revolution, something needs to be let go: the cloud-based SDK 2.x. We hereby announce that the IndoorAtlas 2.x series SDKs will reach their End of Life on 31 December 2019. If you are still running these SDKs, we recommend you to upgrade at your earliest convenience. If you are already at version 2.9, then 3.0 is a drop-in replacement. Otherwise start by following the 2.9 migration guides.

Also the IndoorAtlas Cordova Plugin version 3.0 (beta) has now been relased. In addition to the offline positioning SDK, the plugin features a new, easy-to-use API and improved documentation. Check out the plugin page and the example application for more info.