MapCreator 1.5 UI Guide

Note: This document refers to the MapCreator version 1.x.
Click here for manual of MapCreator 2.0

By Nick He, Customer Support Engineer

This post walks you through the basic use of our MapCreator version 1.5 tool. Please also find our more detailed mapping guide, Getting Started With The Blue Dot.

On desktop

Add venue

  • Click “Map” in top right menu after you sign in.
  • Enter the city in the search box, select the right one from the drop down list.
  • Find venue’s location by dragging the map or tapping zoom buttons.
  • Click “ADD VENUE” and move the blue marker over the building.
  • Enter the name of the venue (required).
  • Select whether the venue is public or private – public venues can be used by other IndoorAtlas clients.
  • Click “SUBMIT.”

Add floor plan

  • Click “ADD FLOORPLAN” after you create the venue.
  • Enter the name of the floor plan and the floor number (required).
  • Choose the floor plan image file (PNG format recommended).
  • Select “HERE SAT.” mode in the bottom right corner for a better view of the venue. (optional)
  • Position the floor plan in the right location either by manually moving markers 1, 2, 3 or by setting known Geo coordinates in “Advanced mode.”
  • Click “SUBMIT.”

On mobile

Start using IndoorAtlas MapCreator 1.5 app

We recommend using the Nexus 5 or 6, Mi4 and LG G4 (Android 4.3 and above) for fingerprinting.

  • Use your Android phone to download and install the IndoorAtlas MapCreator 1.5 app from Google Play (latest version 1.5.0 updated on Jun 9, 2015).
  • Log in using same account you used when adding venues and floor plans.
  • Use the “List” button to show “My Venues”
  • You can also use search bar on the top right corner to search for street and city name.
    • Find your target venue’s marker on the satellite map.
    • Tap the marker and select a floor number and floor plan to open it.
  • If this is a new floor plan, “No map” will pop up on the screen since there is no magnetic field map available at this moment.

Start fingerprinting

We are now in positioning mode. Tap menu on the bottom right corner, select “Mapping” to go to mapping mode. The app will fetch floor plan first and then update map data from IndoorAtlas’ servers.

  • Tap menu and select “Calibration.” Follow the on-screen instructions to complete calibration.
  • Calibration is required during fingerprinting on a regular basis to ensure data quality.
  • The calibration screen will pop up automatically when calibration is necessary.
  • Set start point and end point to draw a path on the floor plan.
  • Stand at the start point, tap the record button, and then start walking immediately towards the end point.
  • Stop recording when you reach the end point.
  • During this process, make sure to
    • Walk at a steady pace and in a straight line following the path you drew
    • Keep the phone directed straight ahead in front of yourself
  • When walking alongside walls, try to keep your device at least 50cm away from the wall.
  • If during recording, there is a change in speed, direction or path, you can delete and redo the path by tapping the path and selecting delete.
  • Repeat above steps until the area is well covered by the paths. Ensure the path you draw is connected with existing paths. (Tip: double tap the start point icon so the start point will be placed exactly at the end point of last path, thus connecting the two paths)

Upload data

  • Upload data to IndoorAtlas’ servers.
  • After the map data is uploaded, tap “Yes” to generate a new map on IndoorAtlas’ servers.
  • Skip the part for test path, as it is for quality analysis purposes only and will not affect your map data.
  • The map will be generated by IndoorAtlas’ servers. This requires an internet connection and may take a few minutes or more depending on the size of the map.

Test the positioning

  • Start testing the positioning after the map is successfully generated on IndoorAtlas’ servers.
  • Select positioning mode in the menu or simply tap the Android Back button to go back to positioning mode.
  • Tap the play button on the bottom left corner and start exploring the mapped area and check the moving blue dot.
  • During this process, keep the phone directed straight ahead in front of yourself. Please note that an internet connection is required.

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