Metso integrates IndoorAtlas’ location technology to their industrial app


Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with over 30,000 employees throughout 50 countries, Metso (OTCQX: MXCYY) is a supplier of technology and services to customers in the process industries, including the mining, construction, power, oil and gas sectors (amongst many).

Metso recently (and successfully) tapped into IndoorAtlas’ magnetic positioning technology to solve a long-time challenge: helping workers accurately – and painlessly – navigate within large factories.

metso-331x550Most factories today house a massive number of valves, pumps and other devices throughout the buildings. A persistent challenge that factory workers face is that of locating devices. Personnel working in large factories cannot metsoalways remember the exact location of different devices, and typically need to rely on process instrument diagrams to deduce or figure out where devices may be placed.

In many cases, personnel seeking to pinpoint and maneuver their way to exact device locations are met with frustration. The reason? These diagrams are not the most user-friendly or accurate – leading very often to a wild goose chase.

By integrating IndoorAtlas’ magnetic positioning technology within Metso’s very own maintenance app, workers are now able to find devices inside the factory, add location based maintenance or service task information to photos and reports, and to analyze trends from the measured data.