New iOS positioning app released

IndoorAtlas has released a new application for iOS, IndoorAtlas positioning appwhich can be used to try out positioning with iOS in any mapped venue. The IndoorAtlas positioning app utilizes the newest technology, providing faster first fix, more accurate tracking and generally more robustness for challenging environments.

With the positioning app you are able to test positioning:
– By creating a link you can share for others too to test your venue
– In predefined locations by clicking ‘Use Default Credentials’
– By setting your own API-key & secret by clicking ‘Add Custom Credentials’


MapCreator 2 replaces old mapping tools

As this new application uses the newest technology in hand, we’re also announcing end-of-support for 1.x version MapCreator applications. As mapping efforts should be done with an Android device to enable all functionalities of our solution, we strongly recommend using our MapCreator2 application for the data collection – you are able to use the same maps for your iOS applications too.

We are pulling out MapCreator 1 for iOS from App Store and MapCreator 1 for Android from Google Play with this date. These applications will continue to work for the next six months but we highly recommend MapCreator 2 for any and all mapping efforts our customers may undertake. Note also that MapCreator 2 is required to take advantage of the latest features such as beacon support for iOS and Android.

Update to SDK 2.3 for the best performance

As we have now released our new SDK 2.3 we’d strongly advise you to update your application also. We’re announcing end-of-life for the SDK 1.x versions.


Both IndoorAtlas’ Android SDK 1.x and iOS SDK 1.x will have their end-of-life in six months time, August 15th 2017. After that, 1.x version SDKs will stop returning location updates. We have recently released SDK 2.3 for both platforms and we recommend all customers to update their applications to this version in order to receive the best possible performance and to enjoy the latest features.

SDK 2.0-2.2

While we will continue to support SDKs from 2.0 to 2.2, these versions will only receive bug fixes but no major updates. Again, we recommend that customers upgrade to SDK 2.3 to benefit from latest service improvements.


IndoorAtlas positioning app for iOS is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738580