New Website Released

Lighter, simpler and more informative

These were some of the design criteria for the new website. Our previous site had long pages with plenty of data, strong colors and heavy visuals. Navigation was overly complicated and the same content was distributed over multiple pages. The true nature and benefits of our technology were not always easy to understand.

Our platform has significantly matured and evolved since the release of the previous website so it’s only fair that the website is now upgraded as well. The new version has lighter graphics, new isometric illustrations and a super simple navigation. We placed special focus in communicating how our technology works. That our technology is really a fusion of multiple different positioning technologies such as BLE, Wi-Fi, Inertial Navigation, GPS and of course the IndoorAtlas’ patented Geomagnetic positioning.



We hope that this upgrade resulted a website which is user friendly and from which our technology is easy to grasp. We also hope that the decision, to choose IndoorAtlas as Your indoor positioning technology, is now an easier one and one which is informative to make.

So how did we do? Please let us know!


Jukka Raanamo
SVP Product Management