Paikasto App Provides a New Kind of User Experience for Library Visitors

Searching a book from a public library might be a time consuming task. A large multi-storey library may have tens of thousands of books and hundreds of book shelves. Decoding of  book’s location information, shown on search terminal’s display, into an exact physical location inside the library isn’t an easy task for most visitors. Paikasto ( is a project that aims to provide a solution to this problem. Paikasto app lets you to quickly search and locate books you are interested in and guides you to the right shelve by using the IndoorAtlas technology. The app also allows you to easily explore and discover new interesting books around you.


The beta version of the Paikasto app is currently available at Sello Library, Espoo, Finland ( Paikasto is an open source project and the app can be installed from Google Play. If you are visiting in Sello Library, try out the app and be ready for a new kind of library experience!

Written by Janne Haverinen


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 738580